About us

REACH Uganda, founded by David Kafambe, Angelina Micha Djaja, Clara Bicalho and Eduardo Campillo, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower teachers and promote creative learning tools in primary schools in order to enable all students to attain basic quantitative skills. Our education model brings the “flip the classroom” intervention to the Ugandan context by providing schools with low-cost and sustainable learning materials and innovative instruction methods to tackle the issue of limited resources. We envision every primary school student in Uganda graduating with the skills they need to pursue higher education and realize their goals.

Our mission

Our mission at REACH Uganda is to provide teachers with the tools and training necessary to enhance learning in primary school classrooms with limited resources. We aim to positively impact the learning of 56,550 students in Wakiso District with the help of our government partners by 2018.

Our story

The idea behind REACH Uganda started in January 2016, when our team started discussing the possibility of implementing a project that would tackle under-resourced schools in Uganda. Our project lifted the ground in May 2016, when we won a US$15,000 grant from the D-Prize/NYU Reynolds Social Venture competition. Two-thirds of the  of the grant is supported by the NYU Reynolds Program on Social Entrepreneurship, and NYU Green Grants, and a final third is matched by D-Prize. D-Prize is a social venture fund supporting social entrepreneurs to develop better ways to distribute proven poverty solutions and funding early-stage startups.